Your Perfect Place

pefect place

Your Perfect Place

We are not led by need or fear but by the spirit of God. When God’s dreams begin to grow inside of you then you’ll start to see it, hear it, and want it. You will be required to want it more than anything else. Just as Jesus was tempted by Satan to rule the kingdoms of the earth you will be tempted to give up your kingdom destiny for an earthly substitute.

Remember how Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac? Abraham had been believing God for years for a son to fulfill the dream God gave him of being the father of nations. Instead of feeling fear he chose to believe in God’s faithfulness. He was willing to sacrifice everything because he was confident in God’s goodness toward him.

When we create our own plans or try to work out every detail of how God will unfold His promise we are in danger of that thing becoming bigger than the plan God has for us. He is calling, “Come, follow me”. Count the cost. Be willing to nail some things about yourself to the cross and submit your will to His.

The day man was created whispers could be heard across heaven, “What is man?”

He gave man His likeness, authority, and dominion on earth. When you begin to see what the overarching plan of God is and the value of what He is offering you then you’ll find everything in this world weak and meagerly.

Everything has been given a value by what someone is willing to pay for it. God gave His precious Son because of your value to Him. There isn’t enough money, power, or pleasure on the planet to forfeit the joy and peace of walking in your perfect place.

-This is victory!



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