Your Inner Man Never Grows Old

never grow old

Your Inner Man Never Grows Old

Genesis 2:26-27, Psalms 8:1-6, Luke 9:55, John 4:24, 2 Cor. 4:16

What is man?

Jesus once replied to His disciples saying, “Know ye not what manner of spirit you are?” God created man in His very own likeness. God is a spirit and so is man. Man is composed of a spirit, a soul (mind, will, emotions), and is housed in a body. You have an inner man and an outer man.

When the spirit of Christ is invited into your heart, which is your spirit, it is regenerated. Jesus called this essential event rebirth. The apostle Paul compared spiritual development with the physical growth of man. No matter what your physical age is at the time of your spiritual rebirth you become a baby in your inner, spirit man.

Your outward man continues to age, but your inner man is renewed day by day. Your inner manner does grow up, but it does not grow old. A mature spirit stabilizes your mind, emotions, and actions. You increase in your ability to walk by faith and not by sight. Your inner man will not mature by acquiring a series of facts, degrees, executive positions, or by having grandchildren. But these things can be a part of the result and plan God has uniquely set out before you to fulfill.

The distinction is in the order that we seek them. First seek God for the vision, do whatever and go wherever He has shown you, and then discover His provision. We grow in the process of following His leading. We will make corrections in our thinking along the way. Many spiritual truths exist that have to be fed to your spirit precept by precept, and line by line. The sincere spiritual milk of the word of God is the perfect food. Your spirit will grow in its ability to discern spiritual things.

Those who are mature, who have walked in faith for years, are still growing more every day. They never finish growing and seeking the wisdom of God. The more you learn the more you find that you don’t know. Reading your Bible, connecting to a church, and listening to anointed teachings are a part of your spiritual development. Going and doing what God has shown you to do reveals more than you think about your spiritual age.

The growing is in the doing. Let’s live out God’s dreams by using our gifts to bless and mature others! Let’s go and grow!

-This is victory!



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