Your Faith Will Produce Your Vision


Your Faith Will Produce Your Vision

Proverbs 29:18, Mark 11:22, Romans 8:19; 10:17, 2 Corinthians 3:17, Ephesians 1:16, Hebrews 11:1

A vision is seeing inside of you. How you see things is how you will interact with people, institutions, and things. How you see a thing will change how you deal with it.

God wants you to see the world and yourself through the eyes of redemption. You are royalty and are being trained for a royal duty in the Kingdom of God. What you have and can do is in Him.

The moment you believed in Jesus, His death, and resurrection your spirit was reborn. This is the first miracle of your faith. Your inner man is regenerated. Your spirit has eyes that can see what God sees. This is how God reveals Himself to us. When you invite the Spirit of God to abide in your heart a new realm of blessings is open to you.

God loves you so much He sent His Son so that you could be reunited with Him and have His peace and provision. This is such good news! The light of God’s Word will reveal things to you, place desires in your heart, and even convict you of things you may not like. He will comfort you by convincing you of the truth of who you really are.

When you know and believe the love God has for you it will remove all fear, dread, and shame. Your faith will soar. God is love. Love loves you! Say this out loud, “God loves me.” He will never condemn you. He sees you perfect, not flawless. Perfect in Greek means developed. God is going to show you through the eyes of your heart the plans He has for you and will give you glimpses of the steps to take along the way.

Your faith is the blueprint for your life. Your faith becomes the victory that overcomes the world! You will be able to go into all parts of the world through your gifts and abilities graced by Him for the Kingdom. The world is waiting for you to manifest!

-This is victory!




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