Walking in the Light


Walking in the Light

James 1:22-25

“But Be ye doers of the Word and not just hearers only deceiving your own selves.”

This is not being devil deceived, this is being deceived by your own self. What do you do when an illuminated revelation of the Word comes to you personally?

As you mature in faith your ability to see and hear the guiding of the Holy Spirit increases. When you do not do what has been revealed to you then you will deceive yourself. The more time you spend in the spirit the more the light of God’s Word will guide you.

God shows all believers who they are in His sight. It is similar to seeing an acorn and being fully convinced of what it will look like in the future as an oak tree.

When God first shows you what He’s designed you to grow into it probably will not resemble your current state, position, or condition. There is a natural tendency to walk away from what has been shown to you which makes it easy to forget what you saw! God is aware of this tendency too, so an important warning is given in this scripture. The Holy Spirit will comfort and guide you into the truths of believing right about who you are.

Being forewarned about this take the time and effort to write what you hear and see in your spirit during church and in your time alone. You will have to remember what is revealed to you and then do it! If you esteem the Word and what God desires for you then you’ll want to return to what you’ve written and meditate upon it.

This is growing time in the spirit! It will require effort to keep it before your eyes and work to be a doer of it. If this is you then you will be blessed, anointed, and empowered.

-This is victory!



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