The View from Victory

The View from Victory

Matthew 4, Luke 1:37; 4:5, John 3:21; 15:16, Romans 8:33-39;17-22, 1Corinthians 2:5, 2Corinthians 1:20; 4:4; 18, Ephesians 1:1-23; Colossians 1:13


Christ has already won everything we will ever need! The next move is ours. We must declare Him faithful now, before we know how He will manifest His faithfulness.

Each time we choose to believe that He is mighty over all of our foes- sickness, death, fear, and calamity our theology transforms to match who He has said He is in His Word.

When we allow our understanding to remain in the box of our experiencial knowledge of Him then we are also allowing our expectations of Him to be conformed to the world.

I heard the testimony of a young man who had been shot twice, once in the face, and he miraculously fully recovered. Then was again shot in a separate incident causing permanent paralysis in his legs according to all doctors’ reports and yet again He miraculously fully recovered. After this he was sentenced to life + 90 years in prison for his criminal activity but now he is miraculously free, still a young man, living a life he says that is full of adventure and vision from the Lord. When He gave in to God’s plan no strategy of the enemy could win.

God is after your destiny, are you?

God is on the throne desiring to orchestrate His righteous judgment on your behalf if you will allow Him to be greater than anything else you know to exist on this planet. What we know and understand with our natural mind is too small for the God of All Things.

When God places His desires for your life in your heart they will likely seem too big or too impossible. Why? Because they are His dreams. He needs your faith to have access to use all of your circumstances for His glory. He needs you to begin to see things through His eyes, through His victory!

The enemy of God’s dreams, the devil, will tell you that you are just imagining things again, that there is not enough of whatever you need, that your situation has gone too far, and that you lack the ability to see it fulfilled completely. These are lies and he is the father of them. Any view that opposes Christ’s is deceived by what is seen from the sidelines.

Break out of the box of what you already know about God and move into the realm of what God has been patient to see you do since He spoke your life into being before the foundation of the world. You are God’s dream. You carry His desires within you. He will do things for you in a way that is unique to only you.

When you begin to believe what He shows you about who you are then you become it! This is not only how you give Him access into your life, but into the earth.

This is also how we give the enemy access into the earth. When our mind is conformed to the world’s standards, statistics, and expectations we are bowing to its theology- it’s school of thought and systems.

When Jesus was tempted by the devil during His 40 day fast He was shown the ruling kingdoms of this world- the patterns and principals of thinking that governed the thoughts of mankind in government, education, religion, recreation/arts, science, business, and the family.

Jesus fasted to reshape His ability to see the Word of God as the power to overcome everything that would try to rule above it. The Kingdom of God is the highest kingdom. Everything was created by Him, the Word, and only He could enter the world to redeem man’s lost status of understanding his God-given place in the divine order.

You have been redeemed through Christ’s victory. You win when you, like Christ, reform your thinking to rise to the level of the Word of God, instead of matching your expectation of the Word to the level of your experiences.

No doctor, judge, parent, teacher, or boss has God’s dream for you. You must believe for yourself. You must see the boxed-in seat that you’ve entered the world through and look up to your heavenly Father to know that you are actually seated in heavenly places with Christ under the open access windows of heaven.

God’s got moves that the world has not seen before because they will only happen through you. God’s dreams, the will of heaven grows in your heart, for your community, and the world! This is the view from victory.

-This is victory!