Your Words Will Steer the Direction of Your Life


Your Words Will Steer the Direction of Your Life

Psalms 34:12-13, Provererbs 18:20, Romans 4:16-17, Ephesians 3:20, 1Peter 3:10,

You must speak victory even when it is hard to do so! It is natural to want to talk about your circumstances but if you are not living a life that brings joy and satisfaction then you are in danger of speaking the wrong words over your life.

It is easy to look at the situation surrounding you and begin to speak what you see. Things like dirty laundry, an unaffectionate spouse, rebellious children, and long hours at work are examples of triggers for your tongue. Whatever you focus on most you will talk about so you must be diligent about redirecting your thoughts to transform your environment.

“A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.” Proverbs 18:20

Our lives will be shaped by the words we use, not by physical food and conditions. The words we speak, when filled with faith, change the atmosphere. Your words will connect you to your future. When you are able to slow down and choose to speak the same thing that God is saying about your situation then you allow Him to have access into your life. The enemy also desires access and can only gain it through your words.

Do not confess lack, fear, shame, guilt, or condemnation over yourself or anyone else. That is exactly what will keep you from seeing victory. Instead make sure your internal and external dialogue speaks as though your full development has been achieved. This is how God speaks to us. He tells us who we are to become. He speaks to us as though we were the wisest, gentlest, most beautiful beings on earth. God has created us to become what we believe in our heart. Whatever we are believing in our heart is evident in the words we speak!

How many times a day have you heard yourself say, “I hate my job,” when you should be saying, “God is using my present positon to prepare me for something greater,” or “He/she will never change,” when we could say, “God is working on their hearts through me.” What you will say is dependent on what you believe. If you fully rely on, are confident in, and have been fully persuaded that Jesus is in the throne room of grace mediating on your behalf, then all things are possible for you!

When human reasoning isn’t available you must believe. This is what our heroes of  faith were commended for. All the evidence can say that your condition is terminal, that you are broke, that you have failed too many times, or that you are too old but you must speak what God says. He says that you are healed, rich, acceptable, and that your youth is being renewed!

Do not look to the results of other people. We will not be judged based on statistics or by other another person’s experience, only our faith toward what He has spoken. Do not say, “it didn’t work” if it is taking longer than you wanted. God sent His words before the foundation of the world and expects it to accomplish what it was sent to do. He has waited all through earth’s time for your words to agree with His. Be patient and do not stagger.

God is looking for people of faith. Those who will seek His will, ask for souls to be saved, claim deliverance, request things to align on their behalf, and  then declare His faithfulness! It requires our lips to speak those “things that be not as though they were”. This is how God operates and this is how we were designed to imitate Him.

-This is victory,



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