Take No Thought


Take No Thought

God is fully aware that you need things. But what He wants you to be aware of is the order in which you seek after them. We are to first seek our vision for life in this world by seeking first who we are in Christ. When you seek after the treasures in the Word of God He shows you who you, reveals the steps you will need take, and even the things you will be in need of. Doing what is revealed to you is obeying His commands.

You will be able to release anxiety, fear, and worry as your revelation of the life He’s prepared for you grows. Jesus commands us not to take thought of what we will wear, drink, or eat because he knows that a double-minded man receives nothing. A mind that has double thoughts thinks, “Will there be enough?”, “Maybe we don’t really need it?”, or “How can this possibly work out?” Jesus also called those with this mindset those “of little faith.”

You do not have to live life in suspense. The Word tells us that if we seek we will find, if we ask then it will be given, and if we knock it will be opened. God will bring you into the knowledge you need to possess to receive your provision, its on the path. But it requires that you do what He reveals to you. You aren’t doing the “do’s” by only listening to sermons or going to Bible study classes, although these things will assist you in moving forward. Go a step further and do what He believes you can do. Do what He’s created you to do!

The word of God is not just informative it is transformative. You will encounter the power to do whatever it is He is telling you to do! It is in the doing that your provisions for this life are manifested for you.

-This is victory!



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