Take Me To The King

Take Me To The King

Psalms 97:9, 99:9, 103:19-22, Isaiah 60 & 61, Matthew 16:19; 18:11,18; 25:14, Mark 4:5, 9:1, Luke 4:5-8, 6:38, 8:10, John 3:3-16, Hebrews 11:33, Revelation 11:15

The greatness of a king is measured by the quality of life He provides to those in His domain of royal rule. A good king has a mindset of provision, abundance, and overflow.

There are 2 economies on earth. The kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of darkness. God, the creator of heaven and earth is the owner of all, and yet He allows mankind to choose the government that he will belong to.

Replacement kingdoms such as those of Egypt, Isralites (Kingdom prototype), Rome(who tried all systems), socialism, communism, dictatorship, social-democratic, and democracy (from Greeks) all create limitation, frustration, depression, scarcity, lack, stealing, poverty, stress, and sickness/disease.

The greatest system invented by man has been democracy which promotes the power of personal rights, personal ownership, personal pursuit, and personal governance. It promotes individualism and leads to materialism. This system raises up a person to represent the mindset of the people.

Life under this system is reduced to a life of accumulation that cannot be taken into eternity. People are now rising up against democracy because something else is wanted, but too many do not know what that “else” is.

The Kingdom system was created for the earth. It is an invisible Kingdom. There is no alternative to heaven. Earth cannot function without heaven. It’s only enemy is ignorance and religion (lack of knowledge & external ceremonial services).

The gross national product of heaven is identity, source/heritage, purpose, potential, and destination. This is freedom! A citizen of heaven is a son/daughter of God, created to have dominion over the earth on behalf their Father who is the King, who uses his/her gifts and abilities to bring the will of heaven to earth. It’s economy is independent of the world’s. There is no lack!

Freedom in the Kingdom is opposite of the world’s freedom. The world’s system of freedom is personal independence that is co-dependant on other countries. When you make Jesus your Lord you remove the spirit of ownership which is the source of competition, covetousness, and contention.

The word Lord means legitimate owner and mighty controller. It is used more than any other word in the Bible. The Kingdom system comes though the revelation that everything belongs to God and that we have access to everything that is His according to His riches and glory in heaven. Freedom cannot be given to you, it must be a revelation within you of who and what you are.

The founders of America’s republic understood that trust in God would allow His kingdom to rule and reign in the hearts of man. They knew that  each person ruled by the Kingdom of heaven would ultimately cause every other kingdom to prosper who sought haven under it.

The moment you profess your allegence to the Kingdom of God through belief in His son Jesus, who brought the government of heaven to earth, your spirit is translated into the Kingdom. It is the instance of being delivered from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light.

God loved us so much that He sent His son to bring us Lordship, which gives us ACCESS. Access removes ownership which frees us from the stress of oppression that brings sickness, lack, and fear.

Freedom flows from your deliverance in every area of your life from oppression spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. It naturally overflows from revelation that we move and have our being in Him. Worship begins with the acknowledgment of who your source is.

Each inhale of the King draws you closer into His presence and every breath you take brings you closer to whom you belong. When you take in His life, His love, you can begin to draw so close that you become one- your every exhale submits to His sovereignty.

We inhale His love and exhale praise and worship. Praise is the result of what you know of Him, worship is the overflow from your experiences with Him. This reveals to us the distance between ourselves and our King.

Your praise describes God. It is a description of who He is. It is what we do. Worship is what the King receives. Our worship is reserved for the Lord. We give back to Him what He is worthy of.

“Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.” Luke 6:38

Our worship and giving are a result of where our heart truly is. God will use your ability to give to offer love, peace, forgiveness, and finances to the world. You will find that you cannot out give the King!

-This is victory!