Speak Life and Grow!


Speak Life and Grow!

Deut. 30:19, Matt. 12:34; 13:31; 16:19, John 1:14

The Word of God and other inspired words read, ministered, and spoken are seeds. Each thought and idea you choose to accept will be planted and take root in your heart. Your heart is the fertile soil for everything you desire to grow in your life.

Every thought you have that has not been cast out is turned into proteins in your brain that bind together to form neurological pathways. If those thoughts are true and good they grow and look like healthy robust trees. If not, these pathways actually develop wrong and can produce the wrong chemicals in your mind and body. These proteins also have the power to lock and unlock traits bound in your DNA.

Are you beginning to see the process?

We feed on God’s Word and shape our life in every way from the inside- out. The Word becomes flesh in each of us.

God’s words grow from your heart, into your mind, then will be released through your mouth. It is from your heart that you will speak. Blessing and cursing, life and death are in the tongue. We’ve been given a choice.

Feed on the Word, live in the harvest of His blessings, and speak life to others!

-This is victory!


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