Something inside of you will change the world

Something inside of you will change the world

Romans 1:11; 5:15-18; 11:29; 12:6, 1 Corinthians 12:1-31; 14:1-12, Ephesians 4:8, Hebrews 2:4,

The gifts that have been given to mankind are both as diverse and are as many as the number of people that have ever existed in the world.

Have you opened your gift box yet?

God has designed each person to function at his/her best when serving others with their gifts.

What is inside of you?

When you begin to see what is inside of you will get excited!

You have been created with abilities that must be recognized, given time, encouragement, and opportunity. Each time you open your gift you have access to more and more ability from the source, your heavenly Father. Some gifts you are born with, and some develop along the way.

God’s gift of grace transforms your inner man which allows us to receive His Spirit and favor, then works in you to release it! It is God’s goodness towards us when He made salvation available through Christ’s work on the cross. But it is also God’s unlimited ability to work through us to disperse His grace to others.

When you use your gifts they grow! There are no limits because there are no limits in Him. The more you exercise your gifts the more you will discover how much is in you that is created to fulfill specific tasks.

You will do things with surprising ease. What someone else sees as a challenge or a chore will be a delight to you, you will experience such clarity to accomplish it!

Each person has an assignment that contributes to bringing others into full realization and actualization of the gifts placed inside of them.

You may volunteer on the weekend using your gifts at your local church to teach 5 year olds the story of Moses parting the red sea but during the week your gifts are parting a way for you to negotiate mult-million dollar deals with multiple businesses, to orchestrate theatre/music productions, to create architectural designs, to fly/drive heavy machinery, to design programs/courses, or to operate in complex surgical procedures. These are personal graces.

Some people are graced to create an atmosphere at home and connection wherever they go, some speak directly to the hearts of others at just the right time, and some leave a wake of joy that rips apart any darkness that dares to creep in. These are all types of graces interconnected to create the fullness of Christ’s body on earth!

Whatever your gift is, it will make room for you. It will take you from prison to palace! Tragedy will be turned to triumph, and any kind of victimization will be turned to victory!

The people you work with will be drawn to your gift. It is your gifts that will place you in the presence of people that you would otherwise not have had access to.

Every person has been called to use his/her gifts in this lifetime to bring the dominion of heaven to earth. It is the way that Christ’s body rules and reigns. It is His chosen mode of manifestation. God will position your gifts and experiences to be used at just the right time for just the right people.

You have been created to discover and develop what God has placed inside of you. The world is waiting for your gift!

-This is victory!