Protected & Kept

Protected & Kept

Psalms 97; 127, Isaiah 5, Job 1:9, 1Corinthians 3:3, Luke 9:51; 12:41-13:9, Romans 8:1-8; 12:2, Ephesians 4, 2Timothy 1


You have been created to operate outside the confines of the world’s operating system. God’s ways, His government order runs on higher laws. It overcomes the world’s ways.

We receive conflicting messages that attempt to conform us to the world around us every day. Between all of the laws, health recommendations, crime rates, statistics, terror attacks, climate change, and psychoanalytic theories it can seemingly leave little room for peace in the multitude of our thoughts.

Do not be afraid. God has kept you and will continue to keep you.

No matter what you have or have not experienced- The Word of God is true.

No matter what you think your lack of knowledge is or isn’t – The Word of God is true.

You have been kept safe – Why? God’s protection, His mercy, His blessing, His hand, His hedge is round about you. God has supernatural fences that He wants around all of His people.

Then why have many good people, even nice Christians, experienced terrible tragedy?

This is the wrong question. People, pastors, theologians will cry out “judgement,” “an act of God,” or the “will of God.”

Christians are not spared for being nice. We are susceptible to the same experiences.

Jesus answered this question for his disciples when they asked about a violent massacre that had taken place at the temple. They wondered if those killed had done something wrong. Jesus said, No and unless they changed their thinking (repented) that they too could experience being cut down/off.

Being spared from experiencing horrible things comes directly from His “keeping” mercy. The right question is, “What can create a break in the hedge of protection?” “How does His Mercy work?” God is gracious to give us time and space to correct our thinking when someone asks for it.

For everything we do know there are a million things we do not know. Our lack of knowledge causes mankind to parish. We are all here because His mercy is making up the difference.

God will guide you into the place of His provision. It is safer to be in a foreign country next to a violent dictator if that is where He has called you to be. That is where your protection is. It is safer than it would be standing on a stool changing a light bulb in a house you weren’t supposed to live in, in a town you were never meant to be, because of a job you should not have taken.

Why wasn’t the devil able to destroy Job? He wanted to. Job was a celebrity for God’s goodness. He loved God, was a multi-millionaire, a businessman- The Man. The devil had looked for a way into Job’s life and couldn’t find a way in. He told God He knew that there was a protective force surrounding Job and all that he had.

What brought it down was the fear he had for his children. Fear will allow an entry point for the enemy. God’s righteous judgement has to allow what we have allowed. God has given us dominion to rule and reign on earth. He has given us free-will to choose who we will be reliant on for our peace.


These symptoms lead to blaming others and judging, not walking in love and faith. We are commanded to live this way. It is not an option. Perfect love casts out fear.

When we experience any of these symptoms we are yielding our spirit to it. God has not given us a spirit of fear. He called fear a spirit. He expects us to reject it. Jesus said to give No room to the devil.

God’s eyes are always seeking who He can show Himself strong through. It is the devil who is always seeking whom He can devour.

What do you say when you first hear that a life is lost, that something is stolen, or destroyed? What are your first words in any situation? They will reveal who or what you have given first place to in your life.

Job’s situation turned when he stopped lamenting and blaming God for denying him justice, vexing and embittering his life (Job 27:1) and repented for the things he did not understand that caused him to think and speak wrongly (Job 42:3). God was not his destroyer the devil was, God was His Keeper.

It is possible to know a lot of good, right things about God in one area of your life and no nothing about God’s ways in another area. Job did not know that the he gave entry to the devil…do you? Do you fear death or losing someone/something important to you?

Do not be afraid. Jesus conquered death for our eternal life with Him in heaven and we’ve been given His authority to bring the dominion of heaven to earth- it is life, and life more abundantly now! We have been given the power to resist doubt, fear, strife, gossip, envying, and divisions of all kinds.

When things are going well and we are prospering it is often easy to loosen our guard on what we say and allow our intellect, emotions, and the experiences of others to lead us instead of our spirit when God is trying to steer us in His direction. The devil knows this.

When you walk into a building, drive a car, ride in a plane, or eat a meal the power and protection of God is there! Declare it over yourself and everyone around you. There is nothing that can get through God’s protection. What we need to know is how to keep His protective fence up. God’s will is always hedge up!

-This is victory!