Global Harvest Ambassadors is my desire to ignite the power of Christ-within our youth so that they dream the dreams God has for them. Our current culture bombards kids with what is commercially cool, politically popular, and dismisses faith as spiritually passe’. Relationships will be nurtured that support a Christ centered vision to bring the kingdom of God to their communities and the nations of the world. They will learn to call things that be not as though they were. This program identifies their gifts and teaches them to speak their future into the quickly approaching present.

The Great Release reaches into jails to allow individuals to recognize the enemy of their soul that has led them into captivity. We release the power of God through prayer, healing, and deliverance.

God’s Dreams Grow Here Project is a womb within in a womb. Young mothers are mentored and inspired to capture a vision for their future and gain practical parenting skill sets. The goal is to provide a transformational environment for spirit and body.

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