My “Job” Depends on Him


My “Job” Depends on Him

Genesis 28:8

How many times do you need to tell the Lord what you are in need of?

He knows the end from the beginning.

He knew before you were born what you would be in need of. We serve the God of abundant provision. You may believe this but you don’t act like it when you see a new bill, wonder when it is going to rain next, and then become shaken or alarmed. Most people immediately seek how they will get what they need. Many people work themselves to death thinking its Godly. You are not the provider.

Your “job” depends on Him!

Jesus commanded this mental shift. If you feel that you cannot figure out how to provide something then you have made yourself the source. This is what unbelieving people do. This is not how we are to operate. We are to look up and say the birds eat and so will I.

Children of God get their provision when they don’t seek first the thing in need but seek righteousness. This is a place of being that releases the vision God had for you before you ever had the need. You are to continually renew your mind to who you are, what you have in Christ, and what you are created to do while living on this earth.

All of our thoughts, words, and actions must be in alignment with who the provider is. God is only limited by your faith. You must begin to see the plans and works He prepared you for so that you can also locate the provision. God is called Jehovah-Jirah. It means God of provision, but a closer look reveals that He sees before your need. Pro=before, vision=see. We must rest in the before planning that He made for your life. This is His finished work.

-This is victory!



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