Living In The Red

Living In The Red

Psalms 23:5, Jeremiah 1:4-19, Matthew 5:2-12;7:24-27, 16:19, 25:34, John 17:4; 19:30, Acts 1:4; 9:18, Hebrews 11, James 1:15, 3John 2

The spirit of the Lord is continually asking you, “what do you see?”

Do you see the world through lenses that lack finances, joy, or forgiveness? Or do you see resurrected businesses, relationships, and health.

Each revelation of the truth that you experience prospers your spirit, soul and body.

All of the sayings of Jesus are in red lettering in your Bible. Jesus asks us to live by His words. They are words spoken from a heart that flowed with blood that had nothing in common with the prince of this world.

Wounds left open, love withheld, offense taken, shame, and guilt, are some of the heart conditions that belong to the enemy and give him legal rights to penetrate your life when he identifies them in you. He knows whether to target your emotions or intellect, or a combination of both. We have to take off these conditions that work as a type of venom to speed up the deterioration of the dreams placed inside of you. They create scales that block the vision you are in need of. Every opportunity to complain and grumble about what you see is an opportunity for the enemy to choke your faith and constrict your belief.

The blood of Jesus was immune to the disruption that the lies of the enemy has designed. Christ’s perfect blood removes the stain of sin, the paralysis of fear, and the disintegration of truth.

You have the power to live in the red! When you know who you are and what is inside of you then no longer can the enemy incapacitate you. Knowing what you already have in Christ changes what you will receive through Christ. The difference is in the mindset of “not having, then getting” vs. ”already having, then releasing.”

Christ changed the world because He saw it differently. He saw it the way His Father did. Jesus came to earth to pass the same ability to us. When we begin to see everything through blood stained glasses everything we experience changes. People, business, sickness, finance, knowledge- it all changes because we have access to the mind of Christ.

Within your redeemed spirit you already have wholeness. Your intellect, emotions, and body are able to take hold of it as you draw it out through your faith. Your faith is the substance of assurance that works as currency between the seen and unseen realms.

The finished work of Christ brought THE PROMISE hoped for throughout the Old Testament. THE PROMISE is the spirit of God living within us. Our heroes of faith had the spirit with them but not in them! Because we have THE PROMISE we posses the keys that release the promises of God. Our personal intimacy with God through His constant, ever-present spirit allows us to be led into all truth and get sneak peeks at the coming attractions in our life.

God knows what you are in need of and prepared it all before your life ever began. You use the words of God, His promises, to move the heavenly things that are already yours into the physical realm.

Giving first place to God’s Word, trusting what is revealed to you, then doing it is the work of your spirit. This is Christ’s process to manifest His finished work in every area of your life.

-This is victory!