It is finished!

It is finished!

It’s a New Year to finish!

Every finish leads to a new beginning. The beginning of each new year  you can decide what you will be finishing in the year to come. It means having accomplished one thing in order to arrive at another. That’s why I love starting new things.

I just finished writing my first book and sent it to the editor. Putting my finger on the send button was not at all like I thought it would be. I had envisioned a roar of applause or at least a rush from the satisfaction but I didn’t have either. The thing is, I had already finished the book and got the rush before I had ever started. It happened in my spirit.

I have the simple consolation of a vision completed. I know I can trust myself to see a thing as possible before it actually exists and bring it to life. This is why so many people go to school. People attend classes and complete assignments to be led into the ability to use the information they have been given to bring what they see about themselves into reality.

A degree is no guarantee that someone will “do” anything. It is a seal of approval about your potential. You still have to do the “work” of setting goals and bringing them to life. The real “work” begins as the many layers of opportunities taken are beautifully stacked to reveal the picture of a one-of-kind life.

Every time you finish what you set out to do because you saw it within yourself you hold a diploma. With or without a formal education t is a scroll that no one else can hold. It is just for you. No one else came into this world with the family you had, in the place you lived, with the gifts you possess, knowing the people you’ve known.

This is the exhilaration of life. To create it.  It is done in a way that only you can accomplish. There is also nothing more disastrous to a soul. A person who does not believe that they can do the thing they see so clearly within themselves is not free. This desire has caused people to leave everything they know to access their ability to create the life they see possible within them. Whoever can offer this creates great families, cities, and nations.

God created a nation this way. God shared His dream with Abraham who believed the things God showed him about his future. He made mistakes but He kept believing and seeing. He saw God’s faithfulness towards him and continually honored God with more of his faith. He was able to build a family, a business, a nation, and a legacy of successors down through our current generation.

As you complete one thing and move into new experiences you will continually say to yourself, “It is finished, now what?” Where will you begin next? What have you seen within yourself?

God created man to be able to see what he was created do. It does not unfold all at once. It is revealed through each step of faith to the next, from faith-to-faith! It takes patience to see a thing and keep it in front of you until it comes to pass. It requires the ability to endure challenges, setbacks, and disappointments when it seem like it is taking too long.

Each time you persevere towards the mark of what you have been called to your spirit enlarges in its ability to see more of the “finished work” before you ever begin. The Holy Spirit has been given to you to show you things to come. It causes everything you put your hand on to prosper.

So what will you put your hand to next? In a world where opportunities are not limited, what will you say “yes” to? What will you release your passion to? Don’t allow the possibilities to paralyze you. As you begin to move in the direction that inspires and excites you then you’ll be guided to the details. Access can only be denied by an inability to see it within yourself.

You have the Son of God, Jesus, working on your behalf to release blessings into your life. Jesus said, “It is finished” just before releasing his spirit. But it is not over. His finale on earth was your beginning. It is His continued work right now in heaven to represent you in the realm of your spirit so that nothing will hold you back. Call upon His name, ask to “see” more of what you have been created to do, and then go do it!

-This is victory!