Julie Mendes is a follower of Christ, wife, mother, speaker, writer, and personal coach. She is a woman in desperate pursuit of God. Her determination to know God on an intimate level, and her dedication to studying the Bible, have taught her many truths that have led her into the victories that have shaped her. She has discovered the faith that overcomes the world and uses her life to assist others in identifying their purpose, the process of following God’s dream for their life, and how to use their own lives as a platform to propel others into victory.

Julie shares the challenges from her “less than ideal upbringing” that threatened to define her. She stayed focused on the images of her future that God planted in  her heart as a young girl. Inspite of the conflicting messages of a culturally diverse home, her mother’s mental health and drug addiction, generational gaps, and her susceptibility to teen pressures she held on to the life that God had shown her.

“I have overcome situations that seemed impossible to get through at the time. Depression, fear, doubt, and shame can’t stand me! I’ve discovered the means to success and will show all who hunger and thirst for their identity in Christ the power we’ve been given to live this life. God has given me the vision to reveal His passion for His dreams to manifest in His people.

I love the power of God’s Word in us! I am passionate about sharing His transformational process so that all would know the expressed glory of God through them. I speak with a fresh, faith-filled perspective that unlocks the audiences ability to see victory and believe what God has desired for each of them before the foundation of the world.

This is the great and adventurous life that calls us, deep calling unto deep, into new dimensions of seeing Him that will unfold each person’s purpose in the Kingdom of God. I weave together the humor of everyday living as a wife and mother with powerful victories from my own childhood cultural, generational, and psychological challenges. This is victory!”

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Featured Topics:                                            

The Word, The Blood, The Name- Embracing your past, releasing the pain, finding the future

Born to Transform- Seeing how your true identity in Christ trumps social and cultural influences

Purpose, Process, Platform- Discovering God’s success plan for your family, relationship, and business

The Word Ruled Woman-How to develop an unshakable mindset for effectual faith

Home Sweet Holy Home- Cultivating the atmosphere of faith where God’s dreams grow

Veiled- Leads young women to see themselves as the bride of Christ, stirring their passion for sexual purity


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