Your Purpose is the Lord’s Passion


Your Purpose is the Lord’s Passion

Recently our country cringed at the sight of rioting in the streets. When your identity is in Christ you become so focused on the mark of your call that you don’t have time to stop and throw trash cans or burn cars and businesses. You become so driven to build up people and communities that there isn’t any room to tear it down! At the core of an angry and out of control protestor is an inner need for purpose. It is frustrating to live without knowing your divine place of impact. The only thing people should see burn is Christ’s passion through you! Receive Christ into your heart.

  1. Clear out anything that would prevent you from hearing the still small voice. (TV, Video games, wrong relationships, work etc.) The Holy Spirit will guide you. Give first place to God’s preeminence.
  2. Set aside time to be alone with the Lord.
  3. Meditate on the Word of God and anointed teachings/sermons.
  4. Write down what you hear and see in your heart during this time.
  5. Write down when in your life you have felt most alive,
  6. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how it is connected to your purpose. The Holy Spirit will testify to your heart the truth of who you are and the impact you are destined to have on the world. Write it down, even though it will change and develop.
  7. Thank Him for His personal leading and plan for your life. Worship Him for who He is then praise Him for what He has done and will do.
  8. Say yes to His picture of your future and act on it. Make a phone call, send an email, make changes or plans in the direction you are being led.

If you decide to commit to this process daily, you will be blessed. God will redeem the time that you may feel you have lost. He will quicken your ability to understand how He has designed you and your ability to pursue what He has already prepared for you. This is faith. Acting on what He has shown you.

-This is Victory!



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