God Is Only Limited By What You See


God Is Only Limited By What You See

2 Corinthians 4, 5:7 Proverbs 29:18

Have you ever had a conversation with another person and asked, “Do you see what I mean?” You are asking if they can see with their imagination the thing that you are describing. This is how God communicates with you. As you feed on the Word of God and listen to anointed teachings the Holy Spirit will testify to your spirit the plans you “see” that God has for you and the steps to take to move towards it.

There is natural vision and there is spiritual vision. It is the way to look at things to give you the largest view. This is possible because you are not just a body, but a spirit with a soul (mind, will, & emotions). If your spirit was to be with the Lord without a body you would still be able to see and think because you are a spirit. All of the information we are in need of to see where we are headed is located in the spirit realm. You will have to see what God sees to live out His plans for you.

Do you see it? Faith involves both hearing the Word and seeing it! God has something to show everyone, but you must seek Him first. The design for your life is located in the kingdom, in God. As you seek the kingdom and your righteousness in Christ Jesus you will see pictures of who you are to grow into and what you are to accomplish.

Jesus used parables in order to create a picture for His listeners. There was a veil then that blocked the hearers from being able to see, but that veil has been removed by receiving the gift of Christ’s righteousness as your very own. God is only limited by your ability to see what He has planned. As you experience living in the knowledge revealed to you, actually doing what is shown to you, the bigger the dreams grow!

-This is victory!


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