Formed Fashioned Favored

Formed Fashioned Favored

Exodus 18, Psalms 104:27139:15-16, Proverbs 11:3; 17:23; 20; 28:16, Ecclesiates 7:7; 11:4, Hebrews 13:5, Galatians 6:7-9, Ephesians 2:10, 1John 3:18, 1Timothy 6

Do you know what you are being prepared for?

You cannot look around you to find out. You have to look into Him, our creator, to find out.

He is forming you into the person who can receive what He has planned. If He poured all of his plans into you now, all at once, you could not handle it! It would be too much! Your heart, mind, and emotions have to be positioned by His spirit. He is shaping your future by first shaping your heart.  Your heart is the container for the precious things of God.

To have His precious things you must long for and need Him more than anything else.

That’s it. It is very simple, until you need something like clothes, cars, or bills paid.

What happens inside of your heart and mind when you begin to think you are in need of other things? You lose focus.

God will take care of you when you are focused on His projects and affairs. The house you want to buy will be possible when you say yes to the position He has for you.  Your college tuition will be paid off when you write the book He has spoken to you. The trip you have always wanted to take is already planned on the other side of the program you are supposed to create.

You’ve already got it!

The Holy Spirit’s job is to take you through the process of transformation and it begins by knowing you are lacking nothing. This is crucial. This one thing can disqualify you for more!

It is possible to remain poor and lacking God ordained experiences when you continually focus on the things you need or do not have. Lack is a seed of belief that allows the root of covetousness to grow. This is real self-focus! It isn’t limited to jealousy.

Covetous means to set your heart on, to long for, sigh for, or to desire after. This is the root of all evil. What do you long for? If you long for anything else more than God it is idolatry.

God has big things to place in your life if you allow His process to prepare you to handle it. When God needed additional men to assist Moses govern the Israelites they had to hate covetousness. God is need of free men. If you think something other than God will satisfy you then you have covetousness. You are in bondage to your desires.

The world is corrupt because of people who are afraid and think they cannot have their needs met without forcing their desire. The moment your attention is directed toward something other than God you are in danger of lying, stealing, or murdering to get it. Your integrity is the leadership quality required to give you big things.

So many people who want a million dollars cannot handle 200 dollars. It matters. If God is first when you have a little you will be able to put God first when you have a lot.

Thank God we are not limited to life only in this body. Believers have access to the eyes of their spirit to reach deep into the provision of God. He is the only source, yet He has many channels to provide for you through.

You are His workmanship! It is you that He is excited about! If you will rest in His ability to complete what He has started in you then you will live a life continually amazed by the goodness of the Lord! Develop your ability to be content now. Remain fully expectant, full of His joy and His peace.

The moment He calls you is the moment He has enabled you. God is going to shape you to handle His one-of-a-kind projects. As God begins to reveal His vision for you that is when you will need to begin to believe that you can do it.

You are not the provider. Every time He shows you something to do, say, or be you have to know that you are His. You are not even the provider for your family or ministry! The bills and the provision are His too!

The Word of God is not just informative it is transformative. It is interactive, requiring us to do something! His work is accomplished differently than the world. The world is set up to make it very easy for you to watch other people live their dreams. This is wrong!

You have been chosen by Him to carry His dreams into the world! People are deceived and too comfortable going from show to show, exhibit to exhibit, concert to concert, or speaker to speaker to be entertained. Ask God to show you your place of impact for the Kingdom of God.

Your adversary wants you to feel like you cannot do something or have something and that you cannot provide for those entrusted to you. It is a trick to get you to walk by sight and not by faith. God will not give you more than you can handle. Trust Him with your future, it is glorious!

You have many more resources available to you than you know of.  As you pursue the presence and plans of God there is nothing that you lack. God is only limited by what you are willing to believe Him for. Every church, business, and family has already been provided for.

Can you tell when you are in faith?

You get excited!

When you are confident that God has formed your inner man to carry His purposes, when you know He has fashioned you to reveal His glory, and when you are sure that all things work towards your good because you love Him and know His call for your life then it will be you who will boldly walk in His favor!

-This is victory!