Eat of ME


Eat of ME

Isaiah 55:11, Matthew 7:17-19, Matthew 12:33, John 6:57, Romans 12:2

God has designed us to have hunger both in the natural and in the spiritual realms. Our stomachs desire food while our spirit desires the Word of God. To grow spiritually you need to feed your spirit. Just spend a few moments thinking about the messages, conversations, entertainment, and news that you take in daily. Whatever you are allowing yourself to think on most is what you are full of.

Whether you are seeking victory in areas such as a life threatening illness, a court matter, or on deciding which job offer to accept your thought life must be anchored in the expectation of the Word. It is of extreme importance that we do not apply natural principles instead of or before spiritual precepts. The difference is crucial.

God expects His word to fulfill what it was sent to do, which is to lead you into manifesting your destiny. God has declared that His Word shall not return void. That means I speak and think on how true His word is, how much He wants to bless me, how He loves me, how I have experienced His loving kindness toward me, and on how His past and present faithfulness is the strength of my life and the lives of biblical heroes.

This is feeding on Him. Jesus lived from the life of God and said, “Eat of me” and you will live by me. He is the Word made flesh. The Word is the power of God to transform us. Without its daily renewing power we naturally conform the Word to our experiences and  we subtly conform to the ideas of the world around us. Instead of bringing the Word to the level of our experiences, we must allow our faith to rise to the level of the Word. Your faith will produce fruit, real results!

-This is victory!




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