Directions Found Here

Directions Found Here

Psalm 4:3, Psalm 77:6, Jeremiah 33:6, Amos 3:7, Matthew 11:25-30, Romans 1:16-17, Romans 8:15-16, Galatians  1:12; 2:2, Ephesians 1:17-20; 3-11, Phillipians 3:15, Colossians 3:15, 1Peter 12-17, Revelation 1:1-3

We are all in need of direction. Which job to take or create, who to partner with, where to live, who to marry, what school to attend, and who to take advice from are just a few of the things we are asking ourselves.

God is continually giving directions to His creation. It is our response that allows us to arrive at each destination.

He lays before each one of us paths of blessing. With only good plans that you can confidently place your hope in for the future.

Life’s detours are a result of road blocks put in place to deter you from your destiny. God’s original plan was thwarted by man’s choice to believe a lie.

Lies are the only weapon of our adversary. They cover the truth so that we will not see the plans, provision, and possibilities ahead.

The lane of lack is taken when you cannot see through the temporary fog of belief that you do not have enough when you actually  have a navigation system- the Bible, a helper to assist guide you- the Holy Spirit, and the one who paved the way- Jesus.

A spirit of fear is a street designed to lead you away from a sound mind and peaceful passage across life’s trials.

Doubt continually creeps in to quickly destroy every on-ramp that would allow the Word of God to enter in to hearts prepared to be set free on ways made to speed healing and bring complete wholeness.

Condemnation is a dead-end court that exists to trap you into going round and round about feeling guilt and shame.

Traditional routes bypass the power of the gospel leaving you where you seemingly started, faint, questioning whether to stay the course while others whizz by on adventures of faith loaded with effectual prayers.

Avoid asking amiss from stations that pump incomplete truths. Do not ask for an audible voice or visible presence, the enemy will accommodate you. You’ll know where to stop for assistance, their banner is love, sourced from the Word of God. You will find your tank refueled with God’s promises and your inner most parts ignited by the light of the most powerful substance on earth- faith!

God will give you revelation. It is not a product of your intellect. You’ll receive an inward knowing. Develop your concentration. Your ability to focus your mind will save you time. Don’t do any crying or begging to God. If you are tired it would be best to just pull over every thought and sleep. Rest in Him. Just thank Him for a few minutes. Get your mind on the on the Lord and what He thinks about you.

Your answers are not up in your head. You’ll never have all the facts. We are to rely on a greater source than ourselves. It is something that at one moment you didn’t know and in the next you do. How did you know? You did not figure it out. It was revealed to you. Like someone revealed it into the inside of you and turned on the light, and then you saw it. And because it is this way you cannot take credit for it. God gets all the glory. It is like this with all teaching and preaching.

Be aware of what is in your heart. This is your spirit. Your intellect and your emotions cannot deduce the plans of God for your life. God will lead you through your own spirit. The Holy Spirit has access to the knowledge of your future and will reveal it to you.

Pay attention to dissatisfaction in your heart. Don’t push it aside. It will get you out of bed at night. The Spirit of God is letting you know that He has something else for you. God will begin to prepare you for change. Be careful because you will be tempted to look at everyone else as though they have changed. You are changing. The Lord will lead you in a different direction.

Let the peace of God rule in your heart. Let the peace of Christ, the anointed One, act as umpire continually settling with finality all questions that arise in your mind. Your head can be unsure but your heart is fine, giving you the go ahead. Allow His peace to make decisions. It will become clearer and clearer. Increasing revelation is dependant on increasing faith.

Don’t get frustrated when you haven’t had a settled spirit about a situation, wait until you do. It could even be too early to get your answer. If you have no preference or direction then don’t go, don’t do that thing yet. You must hear from God.

Get quiet, worship the Lord, and give first place to the Word of God. Learn to meditate upon it. The same author is communicating to you. This is how you find out what He has already said. You do not focus on the problem or have worry sessions.

The more you grow in faith, the less in advance you need to be told. And you can be in complete peace. Live in today. Be victorious today! The Lord wants you to take advantage of where He is leading you today. It will lead to tomorrows victories.

-This is victory!