Destiny Letter

Destiny Letter

God, the creator, the King of both heaven and earth divinely ordained you to be born at this time, into the family you have, in the town you are in, to encounter the groups of people around you. God who loves you has already planned a life of victories for you.

You will become yourself as you walk in the light of the provision made available to you through His gift of righteousness. God’s redemptive plan has already removed the veil between the seen and unseen realm revealing His finished work.

The opportunity to live in connection with God changes the composition of your inner man. The super natural life of God transforms your spirit, your heart, into a powerful receptor for His communication. This is a personal, spirit-to-spirit communion with Him. Jesus called this essential event rebirth. This is when the life of victory begins! You become a citizen in the kingdom of heaven.

God has prepared for you everything you will need. The adventure of this life is unfolding the process of receiving your assignments and abilities. They grow out of your spirit.

You will see through the eyes of your spirit with the assistance of a helper, the Holy Spirit. He comes with peace, joy, power and will never leave you. He will guide you into all true knowledge, speak to your heart, give you words to pray, and show you things to come. It may be uncomfortable at first but he will comfort you.

As your spirit enlarges your hunger for the will of God can only be satisfied through meditation upon His words found in the Bible. He has spoken promises for your life that you can trust and fully rely on. This is faith.

Every being on this planet has been uniquely designed for an assignment they must see in their heart. The way has been made for everyone to mature when it receives the ability to identify its purpose, sees the steps in the process, and can live in the actualization of it. This is victory!

Every role actualized restores the dominion of heaven on earth. And every sphere of influence will require gifted teachers, leaders, and mentors to serve as agents of actualization for others. You will have a platform from which to propel others into freedom.

Believe in Him who created you, His son Jesus who first demonstrated the way, and take the leap to live in the call upon your heart. Faith is now. Your calling is calling.

-This is victory!