Ask for the Key


Ask for the Key

Matthew 6:25-34; 15:6; 16:19, Mark 9:23, John 8:32; 16:17 15:16, 1 Corinthians 15:45, Hebrews 11:1, James 1:5; 4:2


The Kingdom of God is a mindset we are to have. It is God’s way of seeing and thinking about our situation. To enter into the Kingdom of God we must enter into His rest now. Faith is now.

This rest is not how many hours of sleep you have gotten or how little physical exertion you have put forth. This rest refers to who/what your reliance and dependence is in. In the realm of the natural man tends to rely on what is in His bank account, what the next meal will be, or what the doctor has said. It is the natural tendency of the soul and body. Mankind’s greatest want is the desire for control over his/her situation. Survival.

It has been this way ever since Adam and Eve declared independence from the government of heaven. When they believed a lie they made a choice that resulted in the death of mankind’s ability to have a spirit-to-spirit connection with God. Jesus was the second Adam who restored our ability to live on earth in a daily, 24-hr, common union with God.

God knows what we are in need of, otherwise Jesus would not have acknowledged them. In Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus clarifies that we must first seek the kingdom. A kingdom mindset is the mind of Christ. Having His mindset brings Heaven into manifestation on earth.

There are many things about our situations that we just do not have all the answers to. I’m convinced that we will arrive in heaven repeatedly saying, “oh!….Oh!…ahhh…Aha!”, just marveling at the reality of what God in us was capable of while on earth. We will also shed tears over it, but He will wipe them away.

The reality is that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This doesn’t mean I am ultimately going to single handedly save the entire world. It means that if I am believing correctly about my situation then God is able to do everything needed (which always exceeds my expectations) to fulfill what He has purposed for my life to accomplish.

When you are able to understand His will everything you are in need of will follow. What traps people in lack is the source of their thinking from governments, schools, family systems, cultures, media/entertainment, and religions. If the truth will set you free then it is a lie that keeps you captive. Believing incorrectly locks access to what is possible through you.

Jesus carried the government, the legal order, of how heaven operates on earth. He demonstrated it perfectly so we could have a picture of man’s ability when fully restored- reflecting God’s will, His glory. His purpose was to teach the Kingdom. Until you find out what your purpose is you will not know how to pursue reflecting God’s glory through you!

Ask God for wisdom and revelation. What man is in need of is keys. The keys are the principle truths that unlock access to understanding that leads to applying that knowledge. You have been given the Bible, the life of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of the ministry to assist you. No one can seek the Kingdom for you, no one can meditate for you, and no one person can explain everything to you. You have to personally seek, look, and search out God’s Kingdom for the keys that you are in need of.

How much time did you spend looking for the perfect out-fit, the car you purchased, the computer you bought, or the doctor you chose? Whatever you value most, want most, and esteem the most you will easily make time for. If you desire the keys to the kingdom you will have to search for them more earnestly than anything else. Seeking after the kingdom may seem like you are abandoning everything in your life but in the reality of heaven you will have just begun to have found it. The life of the believer is heavenly access from earth.

Jesus taught what it was like to seek and find the kingdom. He only taught 2 things. Repentance (change of thinking) and the Kingdom (the order of heaven). God will reveal His will for you continually as you continually meditate on His word. Allowing His words to fill your heart and mind is how His transformational power works.

When His word is in you then you will ask for the right things too. “If you abide in me and my word abides in you.”

The Bible contains precept/ideas that are keys to understanding God’s will, that then lead you into the ability to believe God for each step to take in this life. You will go from faith to faith.

Each key will release truths about who God is, who he has created you to be, and directions on how to proceed that were once bound up by wrong thinking.

A key to receiving what you are asking for is to first be willing to do whatever is revealed to you- before you actually know what that is! Jesus said, “My doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me. If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself.”

Ask to be willing. This is a condition of the heart. You will have to desire to think and operate as He shows you even if it opposes the thinking of governments, schools, family systems, cultures, media/entertainment, and religions. Wrong thinking blocks the power of the Word from working and being effectual. Ask God to reveal any wrong thinking you may have.

Before Jesus ascended back into heaven he returned the authoritative keys that God had given to mankind when He was originally created. Man has been redeemed. Jesus brought back what was lost. Man is now once again in control when He knows who His source is. We are to occupy on earth with dominion over all of God’s creation by manifesting His glory and power.

-This is victory!



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